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Term 2 - 2nd May - 15th July



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Welcome to Lytton High School, join us as we watch where the light first shines!

At Lytton, we just get on with it. The way we do things - that's part of the way we are. We talk about things, we agree on what to do, and then we do it. Simple, really. But that's pretty much our philosophy of education. We know our strengths: we care about our students, and we do our best to help them learn, to support them as they grow from eager and enthusiastic year 9s into mature, confident school leavers.

We represent what's great about our society, where everyone has a chance to make a contribution and everyone has a part to play. The mix that is our co-ed school is the mix that is our community. And we know how to get on, rather like an extended family. That comes from respect: respect for our past as well as our future, respect for each other and respect for ourselves. That's what we work towards, that's what we aim for: a safe place to grow and learn.

Of course, understanding doesn't just happen, it's not a chance encounter - it comes from making lessons interesting, from connecting the dots, from engagement. That's our daily focus. By doing that, day by day, bit by bit, we get results, results we're proud to own, results that make a difference. Academic excellence, sporting prowess, cultural achievements: these are all part of it, but they're not all of it. We aim to develop social and emotional intelligence as well as earn NCEA credits, trophies and awards; to add value to every student who comes to our school.

We encourage you to come and see this for yourself, just to know firsthand what it is that we do, and to show you who we are. We want to welcome you into our Lytton family.


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